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Northern Beaches Plastering Ceiling Replacement Process

1. Install Rondo concealed grid system over the existing vermiculite ceiling.
Optional drop ceiling is available for down lights or if you require acoustic/thermal ceiling insulation.

2. Fix 10mm 600 span plasterboard sheets to the Rondo grid system.

3. Finish the wall / ceiling perimeter with your chosen cornice.

4. Set all joints (three coats) and finish to level 4 Australian standards.

5. Sand all joints for the preparation of painting.

6. Clean up of plastering waste and remove from site. 

Pricing for false ceilings usually ranges between $ 3600 to $ 7000 excluding the painting.
The whole process takes between 2 – 3 days.
Northern beaches Plastering completes 2 to 3 unit ceiling replacements weekly - we have it down to a fine art!!
What is Vermiculite?
Problematic surface, it was commonly used in the late 1960’ and 70’ apartment buildings for sound proofing.
Vermiculite is commonly used in its exfoliated form.
Exfoliated vermiculite has a large internal air volume and therefore possesses 
excellent thermal and sound insulation characteristics.
It occurs in crystalline plates, measuring as much as 23cm across and 15cm thick threads
with a vermicular motion like a mass of small worms.
It has numerous and diverse applications including plasterboard manufacture, lightweight concrete,
fire protection, insulating concrete, loft insulation and sound deterrence, hence its wide use in apartment blocks.
Not all vermiculite contains asbestos; 
however, some products that have been made with vermiculite contain asbestos. 

If your vermiculite ceiling contains asbestos there are two ways to handle the issue:

1. Have a certified asbestos removalists safely removal all traces of the vermiculite.
After the removal of the vermiculite you will be left with a ugly concrete ceiling.
You will need to have a new plasterboard ceiling installed and painted.

2. Install a false plasterboard ceiling to encapsulate the vermiculite,
this is done by installing battens and lining with 10mm ceilingboard (plasterboard) .
Many customers who have the ceiling height of over 2460mm usually opt for a 60mm
drop ceiling because it enables them to install down lights.

This second method has minimal disturbance to the vermiculite
and is cheaper because no removal of the vermiculite is required.

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